Planets in Peril – New images for Jovian Slade and Nathaniel Gage

I woke up to a great email this morning. Our supporting artist Ralph Del Mundo developed some key colour images of two of my major characters from the Planets in Peril series. Jovian Slade and Nathaniel Gage. These are fantastic so I thought I’d share them here.

Jovian Slade - Planets in Peril

Jovian Slade – Planets in Peril

Nathaniel Gage - Planets in Peril

Nathaniel Gage – Planets in Peril


Brand New Concept art for Planets in Peril

I just received new concept art for Planets in Peril from Ralph Del Mundo. Here are three key characters from the Story.

1) Nathaniel Gage – Nathaniel lives as a humble wheat farmer on the planet of Caminity. His mother died when he was born and his father disappeared mysteriously several years ago as he stood up to the ruling government known as the Supremacy. Nathaniel grew up on his own trying to find his place in the world. He is the hero of the story. IN his late teens he was chosen by the Essence for a great calling, but neither he nor anyone around him understands yet just what that is.

2)Here listed as Bok Globule (But I will confess this is not her real name or correct role in the story. This Tranku Princess/wizard has a very important role in the series, but I will keep that to myself for now.

3)Supremacy Hunter Robot – These robots have been created by the Supremacy with one purpose and one purpose only: Hunt and destroy. The Supremacy has several thousand of these robots and often sends them to track disobedient citizens. These robots have authority to act as seeker, judge, enforcer and even executioner.

Planets in Peril N B H Concepts

Planets in Peril N B H Concepts